Payeer Reviews: A Reliable E-Wallet

Do you not like the idea of giving your bank account details to others online? Do you hate it when you have to divulge details of your bank aocunt when making a payment or receiving money from others? If yes, then Payeer can be a wonderful electronic wallet for you that you can use as your own bank account over internet. Payeer reviews tell us that it is a very popular electronic wallet that is being used by thousands of people to make payments and also to receive money.

Payeer is just like your wallet that you carry in your pocket while moving in the market. It is just that it keeps currency not in physical but electronic form. Once you have the currency, you can freely use it to send and receive payments over internet. It is tied to your bank account so that you can transfer funds from your Payeer account into your bank account. Similarly, you can replenish your Payeer account if it has little money using your bank account. In many ways, Payeer is just like PayPal and Moneybooker that you have known and used for a long time now. Use Payeer account as your own bank account and make payments for your purchases on various websites without any worries of revealing your sensitive bank details.

Payeer is a Russia based company and the currencies that you can keep inside this wallet are Russian Roubles, US dollars, and Euros. Payeer allows you to receive payments from all countries of the world irrespective of the currencies used in these countries. Of course Payeer charges you commission for converting these currencies into your own currency. There is also a small fee that is charged by Payeer for every transaction that you make using your Payeer account. You can go through Payeer reviews to learn more about this E-wallet.

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