How to use 6×9 speakers without an Amplifier?

Using up a StereoStefan speaker is really easy. You can get a lot of guides on how to connect it with your amp in a car. Well, it is pretty easy but what if you cannot afford an amp for your car and you want to use a 6×9 speaker for your car.

Well, it can be challenging, and you cannot get that much material and guides to connect it simply. You need not worry about the sound and treble option that you get while using an amp. We can guide you all the way to help you get better results than an amp with similar sound quality to a car’s head unit.  We are here to answer all the questions revolving around your mind. Let us get started –


  • Check the polarity of the wires and the speakers’ ends and connect it properly without a foe.
  • Remove the side panels of your car if needed so that you can fit your speaker wires in it. Run down the wires as to make them reach the car’s rear side to the head unit.
  • Remove the head unit and look at eh harness available on both sides of it. One end it eh positive and another one is negative.
  • Use the cutter to remove the insulation on the copper wire. Take that out to get them to use and reveal the copper to help you connect it easily.
  • Now when you are connecting your 6×9 speakers | Sound Experts, look out for the polarity. Colors can help you identify as red is positive and black is negative. Connect it by looking at the harness on the head unit. Make them join and test them 3 or 4 times before fitting it in.

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