Contract Car Hire – Advantages Of Contract Hire

Many people find it very complicated to understand the business of contract car hire. It is really simple, you hire a vehicle from a company for a fixed period of time and pay them a monthly premium. The company offers you a fixed mileage per year and if you exceed that you have to some extra amount.  Yes, it’s simple to understand and offers many advantages too.

  • You do not have to invest a big amount in contract car hire, as compared to buying a car. If you are a business person, you can keep money in business circle. If you added the maintenance cost in monthly premium, the running cost will be minimized, making budget management easy for you.
  • You can claim VAT incentive too. If the car is used for the business purpose only, you can claim the entire payable VAT. If you have used it for personal and business, both, you will get half VAT.
  • Budget planning is very important in our personal and professional lives and contract car hire allow you to manage your budget accurately.
  • No need to worry about the depreciation cost.
  • You can select the vehicle according to your needs. If the business grows and you need another vehicle, you can change it at the end of agreement.
  • If you get a large fleet you will get special discount in different ways, which can save your money.
  • If you have added maintenance cost and taxes in your monthly installment, you will live a worry-free life.
  • You will have the liberty to ride a new model car at the end of the contract, if you go for the contract car hire. Hire a new car at the end of contract.

These are just the few advantages which contract car hire offers, you can get many more by selecting a reliable service.


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